Our stock items include machine knitting yarns available for gauges of 3gg to 14gg, with finer counts available on request. Yarns are spun with the finest fibres for soft handle and drape.

Natural fibres are the ultimate choice for quality apparel. Mohair’s lustre and dyeing capabilities, Wool’s durability and softness, and Silk’s sheen are blended to create our premium yarns for knitwear.


Our machine knitting stock yarn range includes carefully selected premium yarns, undyed and dyed to order.

See some of our luxury yarns used in the Babymoh accessories collection

Available for 3gg-14gg
Nm1/2 – Nm1/25

Customized yarns are available, made to required specifications as part of our development programme. Minimum order quantities apply.

Sock Yarns

Our technical sock yarns are available in counts of Nm1/7 to Nm1/30. These tried and tested natural fibre rich yarns are blended with select technical fibres to create high quality performance yarns. Mohair and wool are naturally moisture controlling, anti-bacterial and breathable. These yarns have been developed for optimum comfort, insulation and durability. Available dyed or undyed as required.