The quality of a fabric begins with the selection of the finest yarns.
Through careful raw material selection, advanced production techniques and stringent quality control procedures, we bring you our extensive range of luxury weaving yarns.

Counts range from Nm1/1 to Nm1/44, including plied options as required.
With focus on natural fibres, yarns are available in Wool, Mohair, Silk, Alpaca, Linen and/or blends thereof.


Over the years our velour yarns have earned an international reputation of excellence.

Predominantly spun to counts ranging between Nm2/24 to Nm2/36, this specialised collection includes our 100% Mohair velour yarns. Mohair, valued for its durability, pile resilience and lustre is often the preferred fibre for high end velour fabrics.

Our velour yarns are available in various blends of natural fibres, used in a variety of applications including luxury upholstery, plush teddy bear fabrics, ski skins and other technical applications.



Yarns are available in heavier counts for woven apparel. As a vertically integrated company, our production team works closely with our textile design team to interpret fashion trends into new yarns for fabric collections. Each season new yarns are developed and include lurex, neps, slubs, loops and plies of interesting combinations to create textured fabrics for high end fashion houses.

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Using the finest raw materials and compact spinning technology, our collection of suiting yarns can be found in some of the world’s most luxurious suiting fabrics. Spun to counts of Nm1/22 to Nm1/44 with a focus on quality and precision, we offer ecru as well as top dyed yarns for optimum colour consistency.

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Yarns used for soft furnishings have become another specialised area at the mill. These include our classic loop and brushed yarns in our signature natural fibre blends as well as seasonal developments which are ever improving the look and feel of luxury woven homeware. For the top of this range contact us about our exclusive 100% Mohair loop and brushed yarns.

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Rugs and carpets

Rug and carpet yarns are spun to heavy counts of Nm1/0.65 and to fine counts of Nm2/32. These yarns are used in a variety of weaving methods from hand weaving to carpet tufting, and raw materials are carefully chosen to optimise durability and resilience. Our yarns are used in luxury hand woven rugs and specialised flooring for aircraft interiors.