Stucken Yarns is proud to source from reputable suppliers. Located in the Eastern Cape, our mill is situated in the world’s leading mohair producing region. The close proximity of our mill to these farms connects us to the importance of sustainability, not only for our customers but for the future of our industry. If you would like to know more about the sustainable guidelines implemented in the South African Mohair Industry click here.


The majority of our fibres are scoured and combed on site at Gubb & Inggs, a processing mill under the Stucken Group. Not only do we share a home but we share the same values and high quality standards. At Gubb & Inggs all raw materials for each processing lot are recorded and can be traced back to source.

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Fibre to Yarn

Previously known as Mohair Spinners South Africa (MSSA), Stucken Yarns offers a `Stock Supported’ range and a `Made to Order’ service. We are proud to be one of the most versatile spinning mills in the world, developing yarns for a wide variety of applications.


With two state of the art laboratories on site, stringent quality checks throughout the spinning process and OEKO-TEX 100 certification, our yarns have earned an international reputation for quality. Using compact spinning technology for our finer yarns – a process which narrows or compacts the drafted stream of fibres before being twisted into a yarn – we are able to produce premium natural yarns for high end applications. Compact spun yarns are the superior choice for finer fabrics.

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Dye House

Established in 2005, Speciality Yarn Dyers (SYD) is an on site dye house specialising in the dyeing of natural fibres. Having the dye house facility in close proximity offers many advantages in flexibility, customization, and general turnaround times. Recent investments into the dye house includes the latest technology such as dyeing controls and energy management, giving SYD world-class tools to compete on an international level.

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