Conserving Nature

To create a sustainable future for the next generation, our business philosophy is based on preserving the environment and creating sustainable production processes through stringent water management, traceability of raw materials, green energy alternatives as well as sourcing from reputable suppliers.

Economic Sustainability

Ongoing investment into highly specialised machinery and equipment ensures consistency and service reliability for our customers across the world. International standards are met through product quality certification and by working closely with a number of industry bodies, we are able to facilitate open communication regarding adjustments needed to meet evolving customer expectations.

Social Responsibility

Values based on trust, reliability, integrity and respect for the business, all employees, stakeholders and the environment, guide the business philosophy of Stucken Yarns. From voluntary Social Compliance Audits, to ensuring local community upliftment through educational projects, the Stucken Group aims to show continued commitment towards ethical accountability and the wellness of our people, who we believe are our biggest asset.

Sustainability Report